In conjunction with World Diabetes Day, the Health Care Committees Union has launched a free medical campaign for diabetics


Under the slogan of life sweetest without sugar, and in conjunction with the World Diabetes Day and in partnership with St. John Eye Hospital carried out the Health Care Committees Union Headquarters - Gaza - free medical campaign for three days included the examination of the level of sugar in the body and measure the pressure in the body and eye and general examination And many cases have been transferred to the hospital in Gaza for urgent follow-up to carry out the required operations and treatment and give important awareness advice on eye health and diabetes, resulting in negative health complications on the health and vision of the eye such as diseases of the retina and the front of the eye and retinopathy Cree, and many cases converted to the headquarters of St. John's Eye Hospital to conduct necessary for the patient and transferred to specialized clinics and diagnostic tests according to the patient's condition.

For his part, thanked Dr. Raed Sabah Chairman of the Board of Directors of St. John Eye Hospital for their cooperation with the Union and the implementation of this medical campaign, the importance of the campaign, which serves a large number of patients, and provide them with treatment and health care, especially in light of the difficult living conditions that affected all aspects of life .